Google Business Profile for Medical Practices

Google Business Profile for Medical Practices2022-02-18T11:50:39-06:00

You Demand the Best for Your Patients

Patients looking for Providers like you demand you stop being hard to find. Let’s fix that today!

A step-by-step blueprint for getting more patients during uncertain times.

If you’re reading this, then you know how powerful Google My Business can be for generating new patients.

Let’s walk through what this Goggle My Business Execution Blueprint will do for your practice.


Jump-Start Your Online Marketing

Learn the basics

Get a Marketing Audit and Plan for Your Practice

Your marketing success begins with a “history, examination, diagnosis and treatment plan.” Our team will review your goals, competition, strengths and weaknesses, market, online presence, past marketing, budget and more… Then we’ll provide you with “best practices” recommendations. We’ll document everything with a detailed 12-month marketing plan that lays out, step-by-step, how to reach your objectives.


Learn advanced techniques

Improve visibility

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Be Easy to Find

Lock in Growth

Launch your medical practice into the stratosphere, with listings on our national and regional patient referral directory sites. Coveted listings like these expand your online reach and drive prospective patients to your website.

Our national and regional medical directories have brought thousands of patients to our clients’ waiting rooms, while helping over a thousand medical practices exceed their financial goals.


Can’t I hire an agency to do this for me?2020-11-12T21:28:25-06:00

Yes you can.

You will end up spending a lot of money in the process and you will have no idea whether they’re doing a good job or not.

Most agencies will charge anywhere from $600 to $1,500 per month to optimize and manage your listing.

For most medical practices, it’s more cost effective to do it themselves.

I am not web savvy – will I be able to do this?2020-11-12T21:31:43-06:00


The MarketMedical GMB Execution Plan was built for action.

There is one area which may be a little challenging: Creating the correct Schema code to add to your website.

After ordering, send us an email and we will create the code and send it over (gratis).

I’m a digital marketer who already knows about Google My Business. Why would I need this?2020-11-12T21:34:09-06:00

Hundreds of consultants and agencies have purchased the MarketMedical GMB Execution Plan.

They usually find value in two ways:

  1. They find processes that they weren’t aware of, which improve results for their clients.
  2. The documented processes make the work of optimizing listings scalable and repeatable which is critical in order to grow your business.
I’ve had my listing for a long time. Will the Execution Plan still add value to my clinic?2020-11-12T21:35:53-06:00


Many medical practices aren’t aware of all the levers they can pull to improve their results.

That’s what the MarketMedical GMB Execution Plan gives you.

Are you just going to up-sell me on high priced services?2020-11-12T21:40:24-06:00

Everything you need to succeed is included in the MarketMedical GMB Execution Plan.

You will have the opportunity to review our service that puts a system in place to accumulate Google Reviews. This system accelerates positive reviews dramatically though you can be successful without it.

How fast can I expect results?2020-11-12T21:41:53-06:00

Once you’ve implemented the processes, you can expect to see results within 4 weeks.

We often see results much faster and usually within 2 weeks.

This is in contrast to traditional SEO, where you may need to wait anywhere between 3-18 months to see the payoff.


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